Monday, September 5, 2011

Making Life a Bit Easier...and Having Some Fun Too

So, before moving into this apartment I didn't know that people actually made ovens with no temperature control.  I simply had never even thought about this being an issue.  All ovens can be set to 350 degrees, right?  Wrong!  Our oven here only has three settings...both burners, top burner only and bottom burner only.  In addition, it doesn't actually work on the top only setting.  Needless to say this makes baking a bit more interesting.  Fortunately we brought an oven thermometer with us so I have been able to use the oven.  I have just had to check the oven every five minutes or so while baking and then either turn the oven off or back on to keep the temperature in check.  

Well, Drew being the handy guy that he is, wanted to fix this problem without having to buy a new oven.  Enter the arduino!  I won't even attempt to explain how it all works but the bottom line is that Drew built me something to control the oven.  Eventually it will also work to pasteurize our milk and make yogurt.  He's so cool!  He made a video of the contraption for anyone interested in learning about it.  If you're not, just play it briefly so you can see what it looks like since I didn't take any pictures.

Here's to making life easier!

Drew's Oven Temperature Controller Project from Drew on Vimeo.


Olivia said...

Holy cow! You are the man! I'm totally impressed! Love you!

Blake James said...

Very Impressive!!!!!! I need one of those for my oven. HAHA

Christina in NC said...

State grads are great to have around! Way to go!

Britt said...

I am so stinking impressed! You paid much better attention in those engineering classes than I did :) though I have a sneaky feeling most of that was self taught. Fine work friend.