Friday, April 29, 2011

Eliana Update

Our doctor's appointment today went really well!  We both like the doctor and think she seems great.  Everything looks good right now and we're very thankful for that.  My BP was a little high when we first went in so they checked it again afterwards and it was fine.  I guess I was just a little hyped up.  They did my Strep B test, a urine test and drew blood to recheck my platelets because they were a little low at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I'll get all of those results on Monday.

We also had both a 2D and 3D ultrasound!  It was awesome!  They have a flat-panel TV on the wall of the exam room so you can see the ultrasound as she's doing it.  Everything seems completely normal.  The ultrasound estimated Eliana to weigh a little more than 6.5 pounds, though I know these things aren't the most accurate.  The doctor thinks she'll be around 8 pounds at birth, which is what I'm thinking as well.  Eliana is still very low in my pelvis and the doctor seemed a little surprised that she is already that low.  She said that hopefully it will make delivery easier but commented that I've probably got a lot of pain and pressure right now.  I'll take it if it helps her come out more quickly!

We also got to go down and see one of the rooms that I could deliver in.  It's okay- not the most amazing room ever but it is private, has a birthing ball and has room to move around so it will be just fine.

So yeah, good appointment.  The doctor doesn't want to see me again for two more weeks so that's good.  Maybe that's another reason why things are cheaper here than in the US!

Here are some pictures of the ultrasound pictures.  They aren't perfectly clear but we don't have a scanner here so it's the best I can do.  Pretty amazing!

I'll post the video clip from the 3D ultrasound once it gets on-line!


Anna said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! So excited for you guys!

Casey said...

she is beautiful! Isn't the 3d u/s so fun!!!!!