Thursday, April 28, 2011

36 Weeks and Awesome Wolfpack Gear

Well, we've made it to Turkey and the final phase of waiting for Eliana!  36 weeks!  It's kind of crazy that it's here but I also feel like I've been waiting a long time.  Everything at the airport went really smoothly and only one person, a flight attendant, even asked me about being pregnant.  I didn't even have to show my doctor's note.  Crazy!

Eliana is still moving around a lot and making her presence very known.  This week I started swelling in my hands and feet and think my face looks a bit rounder too.  It is quite a bit cooler here in Istanbul though so I think that will help with the swelling.  I also had some major hip/pelvic pain during the week but hope that will settle down since we won't be moving into an apartment anymore.  It was a busy and hard week physically.

We have our first doctor's appointment here tomorrow and I'm really excited to see what the doctor has to say.  It will also be great to finally see the person who will be delivering Eliana after seeing six other doctors/practitioners during this pregnancy!

Okay, here's my pic... (please enjoy my new tan line from my Easter sunburn!)

We were also blessed this week to get a load of clothes from some of the other moms in our country.  We have so much stuff now it's amazing!  My favorite thing and most fun surprise though was this...

Isn't is awesome?  I'm not sure how well it's going to fit come football season but I will do my best to get her in it.  It's way to cute not too!  I'm so thankful for such good friends!

So yeah, that's the scoop.  We're excited to be in Turkey and finish getting ready to meet this little girl!  We have been blessed!  Stay tuned for pics of our awesome apartment and the other things we do while we're here.

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