Sunday, November 7, 2010

11 Weeks, Birthday Party and Weekend Fun

I'm sorry for the less frequent updates these days but with our schedule there's not a ton of blog-worthy stuff happening and we're quite busy during the week so, this is what you get for now!  :-)

First off, here's the 11 week update...

First off, I didn't realize my hair looked so funky.  I'll to make sure my photographer warms me in the future.  Second, I wish I had taken the last picture in this outfit so I could better compare but what's done is done.  I definitely am starting to tell a difference.  My belly seems to be poking out a little more than usual and I can tell that in the picture.  I am still quite tired but think my stomach is starting to feel a little better.  I have my next doctor's appointment on Tuesday so we're excited about that!

Next, this week we celebrated the 1st birthday of one of the kids in our quad.  It was a sweet celebration.  Then we babysat him and his brother again yesterday and took them to Kangaroo Jax, a place like Monkey Joe's.  M, the three-year old, had a blast!  I just sat in the entrance room with J and let him walk around since he's a little small for that kind of play.  I'm not posting pictures of the kids because we're not supposed to post other workers' pictures so I'll just post some of the surroundings...

Birthday Gear

Kangaroo Jax

Also, Drew's parents came up yesterday and spent the day with us.  We had a great time seeing them and sharing this place and our friends with them.  Thanks David and Betty!

One more week down...five to go!


Danielle said...

I can definitely see the baby bump starting to form!! Giggle giggle giggle. :)

Erin said...

Your teensy tiny baby bump is toooooo cute! I love it...and your hair looks fine. After little one is born it's all gonna fall out anyway (mine did, at least...okay not all of it, but lots of luxurious strands that you grow while preg-tastic will bid you adieu...anyway, I digress...). I'm so glad that you and baby love are doing so well! I have shared your story with about a gazillion people (one of my friends and his wife have been trying to have a baby for more than a year and a half...he said he wants the phone number and is totally willing to call China!), and everyone has broken out in chills and has cried with me over the spectacular news! I'm glad your morning sickness is starting to wan (which tells me girl, girl, girl...just saying!), and I am so glad to see baby love's first outfit! I know this is a long post, but I love you, girl!!! Your story has been such an inspiration to so many people, and the witness that you and Drew have shown as faithful, loving servants to God even in the face of adversity has been such a blessing to me. Ya'll are both amazing people, and you are going to be an AWESOME mommy and daddy! XOXOXO
Love ya!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

Thanks Erin! You are so sweet! I'm thankful that our story has made an impact on your friends. It has certainly blessed us and we are thankful for God's kindness to us. Hope you're doing well! Love you!