Monday, September 6, 2010

Week at the Beach

For the past week we've been down at the beach and we have been LOVING it!  I thought I'd be ready to come home before now but I've not been.  We've just had a great time relaxing and enjoying being together.  We have a family beach house that we use at Carolina Beach and everything has been perfect.  We've been on the beach, gone out to eat, rented a kayak and paddled around the river/sound area, hiked at the state park, ridden the double ferris wheel, eaten fudge, gelato and doughnuts, watched "Up" outside on a huge screen and even gone to church.  It's been awesome!  

To top it off, today we drove up to Emerald Isle and joined our friends at an awesome house owned by a member of our church.  It is amazing!  I'm pretty sure it's the nicest house we've ever been in...pool, hot tub, lots of big TVs, elevator...yeah, pretty sweet.  Do we have to come home???  Yes, we do, but we'll enjoy it while it lasts.  Praise the Lord for awesome blessings like the beach and vacation and free places to spend the night!

Enjoy some pictures (a check out the slide show to see some pics of a very interesting photo shoot we stumbled upon!)....

Drew going to play in the water.
The waves on the day of the hurricane.

A bird taking off during our kayak trip.

Beautiful sunset

Our sweet house in Emerald Isle.

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