Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making Osh and My New Dress

This week I learned how to make Osh, the most eaten local dish, and I got my second new dress! Our helper, Gabby, came on Friday and taught me how to make Osh. It really wasn't that hard and even though she doesn't use a recipe I wrote everything down and hope to be able to recreate it. Osh is a rice dish with carrots, onions, chickpeas and meat seasoned with salt, pepper and cumin- really nothing out of the ordinary for us, just a different combination. Oh yeah, there's some oil too! :-) I took pictures of each step as well so I could remember even better. This was also a good opportunity to hang out with and get to know Gabby better, which I also really enjoyed.

I also got my new dress! I like it and think she did a really nice job. She made it slightly different than the other one, which is nice, and I just love the red fabric. It's a little busy, but hey, that's just the way things are here!

Other than that the biggest thing going on right now is that Drew and I are both sick with cold symptoms. Drew is worse than me but I'm thinking we're both on the upswing...hopefully! Enjoy the pictures!


jason and jen said...

You look so pretty in your dresses! We had a dish like this a lot in was called plof! I will be praying that you and Drew feel better from your colds! We love you!!!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

Thanks girl! This dish in Uz was also called Plov. Pretty popular in this part of the world! I loved your pics of the girls at the beach. We are excited to go when we get back! Love you too!

Shelly said...

I am just wondering if Gabby thought you were crazy for taking a picture of every step cooking. Mark makes fun of me when I do things like that and he udnerstands what I am doing.

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

She probably did Shelly, though she didn't say anything. I would've thought I was crazy! :-)