Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Two of Our Trip

We are back from our little trip and had a wonderful time! It was so nice to get away from the city and spend time with good friends. I took a bunch of pictures as we went around town to help out a girl who's been with our friends all summer and hasn't taken many pictures. It was fun to be a tourist for a day. This city is also just really beautiful with all the mountains surrounding the city. We were also only about 20 minutes away from another country but you have to get a visa to cross the border to we couldn't have gone if we'd wanted to.

After dinner we went to visit a place where there are some ruins of the old city. It's at the top of a hill and you get an awesome view of the whole city. They have "restored" some of the ruins so you can see what things looked like thousands of years ago. We also met a man who said in English to us that it was his dream to meet real Americans. I'm glad we could help his dream to come true! He was a retired English teacher.

So, we had a great time and are refreshed and ready to get back to work. We're on the downhill part of our summer now!

Enjoy the pics...


ErinGDF said...

Loved all the photos! Interesting how everything seems so colorful in a place where the natural world is so muted. Esp liked the photos of the girls with the apricots! Glad you got to get out a while!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

Thanks Erin! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I loved the pictures of the girls too. I wish I could know them! Have a great day!