Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Language Learning

As you all know, Drew and I are just beginning to work on learning an entirely new language. The only language learning we've ever done in the past was our two years of Spanish in high school, so this is much different, as our effective survival and ability to get to know people depends on it. This is one of the places around the world where hardly anyone speaks English!

Right now we're meeting with a language teacher for two hours each day and then spending time practicing for around two hours as well. We will also likely start using two other girls to help us review what we're learning so we'll be spending 4-6 hours a day trying to learn language. I'm sure this will fluctuate a bit, with our energy and ability levels, but it's our goal for now. We have so much to learn but will slowly pluck away and see how things go.

We record the different parts of our lessons so we can look back over them while we're reviewing, which is a great help. We also try to act out some of the things our teacher is telling us so we can get our whole body involved in the learning process. Yesterday we worked on pointing to, going to, sitting down on, etc., things in the room. Here is a video of Drew listening and following commands:

Drew Working on Language Learning from Drew on Vimeo.


Danielle said...

Wow, that's impressive! You guys are doing SO great. :) It is incredible to me what you have managed to learn in just a week. Keep up the good work you all. Love to you both!

Blake said...

I laughed really hard at this. I think I need a copy and maybe I can incorporate it my P90X workout.