Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost done...

We've had a very productive week in the Echerd household! We are exhausted, but we've gotten so much done and are so very close to being ready to leave. All our boxes for storage are gone and virtually all our furniture is gone as well so all that's left is to pack for the summer, pack up the stuff we've used this week, clean out the fridge and pantry and clean the apartment! Oh yeah, and Drew has to finish his lesson plans but he's getting really close on that as well. :-) Our goal is to be finished by Saturday. I'm hopeful!

Here are some pics of our empty apartment...good times!

We'll be sleeping on the air mattress for the next few nights. More motivation to get things done and get out of here!

That filing cabinet should be gone soon and the counters are the only place we have to sit things right now so they're pretty full.

All the stuff to the left of the boxes will be donated and we'll either use the boxes or break them down.

The stuff in the corner is stuff to go this summer and a few things to store. Don't worry, there's more stuff in our closet! We're using the camp chairs for the next few days too.

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