Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Night in Texas

For my last night in Texas Danielle took me out for a very, very early birthday celebration since we definitely won't be close any time near my birthday. :-) We first went for pedicures and they were awesome! We even got a pretty long foot massage. Then we went and explored downtown McKinney and ate dinner at a great tapas restaurant called Cafe Malaga. Man, the food was wonderful and not that expensive...perfect combo! We finished up the night with dessert and latte at a little cafe. We chose the carrot cake and, like the rest of the night, it was amazing! It didn't have nuts except for some almond slivers on the outside frosting and everyone who knows me knows that that was perfect.

So yeah, it was a great night to end a great week. Thanks Danielle! I love you!!!

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