Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The First of Many Lasts

As most of you know Drew and I will be headed to Central Asia this summer to begin our work in a humanitarian aid/disaster relief office. We are very excited about this and plan to leave in June. We will be there all summer and then come back in September so we can complete the activities we must go through with our company. Until then, we are in the process of getting things ready to leave since we'll be closing everything down here and moving on in June. As a result, the next few months will be full of many "lasts" for us. Being the sentimental woman that I am I want to try to remember these moments and really enjoy them.

The first of these lasts would be decorating with all my Christmas stuff. We won't have a place to decorate next year and we aren't sure how much of our stuff we'll be able to take over so I've really enjoyed my decorations this year. Most of you know I'm a Christmas freak so this is very special and important to me. Hopefully we can get some of my decorations over so I can decorate in Central Asia. I am downsizing and keeping only the more meaningful things that I really enjoy. I took some pictures of our apartment so I could remember everything I had and remember what it was like to go all out. Maybe I'll do it again someday but it will be awhile.

Here's to the first of many lasts for us!!!!


Kara @ KSS said...

I really admire you guys for being able to take on such a challenge! I'm sure you will have many exciting times. But, just like you, I would be sentimental about the "lasts", also. I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

Thanks Kara! I'll put you on our e-mail list so you can keep up with us too.

Danielle said...

Of course we are going to be praying for you, but just in case you need to hear me say it, add me to that list!! :) I will enjoy all of your "lasts" posts in excitement and anticipation with you...along with the continued sentimental tears that pop up along the way. Next Christmas is going to be so new, different, far away...but, I bet so fulfilling!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

You're on the list! :-) I will enjoy sharing these lasts with you and one of them will be coming to visit you (though that won't be the very last, just the last for now)! I'm going to start looking for the cheapest time to fly out there between now and May! I can't wait!